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At Professional Choice Painting we use time-honoured skills and time-and-motion principles to ensure the efficient undertaking and professional paint finishes that can be expected from truly competent professionals. A good job should never be rushed and doesn’t need to be when approached by an experienced professional who knows exactly the processes to follow to ensure the best outcome in a timely and professional manner.

This is the difference that only a trained and skilled professional can deliver. It’s the main reason that people choose to engage a professional painter and such decisions are always rewarded by unsurpassable professionally painted finishes and jobs completed with high efficiency according to reliable time-schedules. That’s just one of the very worthwhile differences you’ll experience when you hire Professional Choice Painting for your next painting project whether it’s for Residential or Commercial Painting, Interior or Exterior Painting, Repaints or New Construction, anywhere on the NSW Central Coast or regional areas.

At Professional Choice Painting we can plan any painting job with high efficiency whether it be for a single room, entire house, block of apartments or commercial property project that you need attended to. These skills will save you time and ensure that your painting project is completed as efficiently and professionally as possible which respects your important schedules for occupation or continued uninterrupted use of your property.

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Industry Professionals

Anyone can pick up a paintbrush or roller and paint a room or perhaps a fence or side of a house and in many cases the job will look fine, but when it comes to getting a truly outstanding finish and ensuring that the work will endure the years without looking old and tired before its time or cracking up, blistering, peeling or presenting other issues, then there is no substitute for a professional painter who knows all about the various paints and painting systems as well as the widely varying differences of substrate and surfaces to be painted. Professional painting really is an art-form and it simply cannot be mastered over a couple of weekends.

We pride ourselves on our professional presentation and insist that all our painters are suitably and professionally presented.

At Professional Choice Painting, we have decades of experience and have had the privilege of in-depth training by experts. Proper materials selection and painting systems application takes years of study to properly master. This technical side of the painting profession is largely overlooked but is critically important as all apprentice painters discover in their early years of tenure. This is something not readily appreciated by many but a true professional will be able to call upon such knowledge automatically whilst making the performance look so simple with an expert and durable finish being the end result.

There are specific ways of preparing for certain finishes which unless done properly, can mean the difference between a paint finish that can look inferior and not even last half the time that it could have done had the job been done properly. A professional painter uses only premium quality tools and materials and knows just how to get a seamless and extraordinary finish with nice clean lines and a consistency that shouts; “A professional did this work!”.

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